I'm Chelsea Gross, a Certified Nutrition + Mindset Coach.


I help women break the diet/binge cycle for good so they can feel free around food & confident in their bodies.


  • To struggle with food

  • To obsessively count every single calorie

  • To weigh yourself twice a day

  • To feel guilt and shame when you eat “bad”

  • To hate your body and put happiness on hold because you haven’t lost weight

  • To have anxiety on dates, vacations and holidays because you don’t have control around your food choices

  • To compare your body to your former body & other people’s bodies

  • To try every single diet, quick-fix, pill, program & plan

  • To either be restricting, or binging, but never in between

  • To be miserable, stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted

I know what it’s like to want to break free, but have NO idea how to get there.

I help women get there.


  • No more restriction or deprivation

  • Food being something you celebrate vs. control or feel guilt around

  • Space to enjoy your relationships, job, hobbies & relaxation because you’re no longer consumed with food

  • Exercise being movement you love vs. punishment for what you ate or to earn your calories

  • Creating self-worth that isn’t conditional on what you weigh or how “good” you eat

  • Self-confidence and self-love