I help women create intuition and confidence with food + their bodies so they can finally enjoy the beautiful life they have free from the rules & restriction that keep them stuck.

My work with Chelsea influences every aspect of my life beyond the food. She has become a life mentor. Her ability to listen, relate, and provide feedback is immensely valuable. Chelsea’s coaching style creates a safe space of non-judgement and yet she motivates me to do the hard work I am called for. I have broken a long history of binge/restrict eating, removed toxicity from my life, and improved my self worth. I am forever grateful for Chelsea. 
— Tara
Chelsea has given me the gift of acceptance, self love and food freedom. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling. Our weekly sessions have helped me reclaim my life from disordered eating and diet culture. I will be forever grateful.
— Daria

Not that long ago I felt the same exact way you do.

I spent my days restricting my favorite foods, counting my calories and obsessing over my weight. When I couldn’t willpower any harder I binged, then suffered in silence with guilt, shame and fear of weight gain.

What came next was me trying everything to fix my bad behavior — like laxatives, purging, fasting, more workouts, cleanses, and everything in between promising quick results and the happiness I so desperately wanted.

In reality I was absolutely miserable. I was completely obsessed with food and I hated my body. I broke down in dressing rooms when every pair of jeans I grabbed didn’t fit, ate yet another salad with dressing on the side and grilled chicken breast while my friends enjoyed burgers and pasta, and I weighed myself every single morning — placing my total worth in that number staring back at me.

Finally I hit a breaking point and 5 years ago everything changed. I realized the happiness I was chasing couldn’t be found in the perfect body or perfect diet, it was going to be found in me. In creating worth, love and confidence in myself. And the more I gave energy towards those things and less towards dieting, the more my relationship with food and my body improved too.

Today I have a healthy relationship with food and my body. I make intuitive and empowering choices that work for me. I do not hate my body, I respect and take care of my body. I do not punish my body, I listen to my body. I seriously feel free, content and at peace.

See your problem isn’t with food, it’s with your relationship with food.

The problem isn’t with your body, it’s with what you think of your body. 

The answer isn’t weight loss, it’s embracing and learning to like, love and celebrate who you are now, not just when you lose weight.



I’m scared. I’ve already invested thousands of dollars into other programs, plans, and diets. What if this doesn’t work either?

Trust your gut that you’re here for a reason. Maybe you’ve connected with my stories on Instagram that feel like YOUR story, maybe you’ve listened to my podcast on restriction and binge eating and you no longer feel so alone, or maybe you’re here by total chance and you can’t believe you didn’t find me sooner.

Landing on this page is every sign from the universe that you’re ready to break free and that this is different than anything you’ve tried before.

There’s a lot of advice out there that tells you that in order to break free you just have to listen to your body, eat intuitively, and be balanced. But you’ve been dieting and punishing your body for years — so how the heck could you know how to do that?

I teach you the HOW. And we work together so it feels totally right and true for you. You’ll become completely confident to keep doing this on your own, not just for the short-term, but forever. You’re not investing in a quick-fix you’re making an investment in YOU.

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Here’s what clients are saying…

Chelsea created such a warm and safe space for me to talk openly and honestly (a lot of it for the first time) about my feelings and behavior around food. I never felt judged or rushed to work through my struggles, and Chelsea’s patience and empathy made all the difference. She was available whenever I needed her and went above and beyond when answering questions or offering advice or tools for me to use. She’s got such an empowering and important view on nutrition as I had no interest in simply a list of good and bad foods to eat. There’s plenty of that on the internet! What I needed was emotional support and the space to discover a new self awareness around my connection with food, and the progress I’ve made with Chelsea has completely changed my life. I am eternally grateful to Chelsea for giving me the space to discover so much about myself and learn to live a healthier life in the process.
— Mckenzie
Chelsea was such a bright light in my life when I really needed it. She helped me get to the root of why I couldn’t repair my relationship with food, which I had never dealt with before. She gave me all the information I needed, from the science behind why my body was feeling and behaving the way it was, to everyday practical tips like the best coconut oil to buy. She is a compassionate, kind, insightful, funny, beautiful person on the inside and out. I never felt judged or criticized talking with her; only uplifted. I am now 15 pounds lighter, but more importantly, I feel lighter in life—no longer carrying around the emotional pain that comes with dieting. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Chelsea! I know you’ll help so many more :)
— Ashley
In our introductory meeting, I very quickly realized that Chelsea was a very special person with an ability to provide insights into the food issues I had faced my whole life. When we first met, I was in a very dark place. My entire “story” was described in terms of my weight...every memory laced with the pain of knowing how thin I once was or how heavy. Within the first couple of months, Chelsea helped me write a new story so that I could begin to enjoy the things I once loved again. She broke down every situation and provided me the tools to change my internal dialogue to a positive mindset. Food began to lose it’s power over me and continues to more and more each day. It was as though a cloud was lifted and I could see things for what they were, and not just in relation to food. I cannot recommend Chelsea enough. She has truly found her calling!
— Lisa
Working with Chelsea was truly an amazing experience. The level of support and guidance she provided was unmatched and far exceeded my expectations. Her level of knowledge of not only nutrition but overall health and wellness as well as all of the factors that play a role in those topics was extremely beneficial to me, specifically dealing with anxiety and stress. My relationship with food now is in a much better place than it was before with no restricting or feeling guilt for “indulging” thanks to the work Chelsea and I did together. I have been able to transform my mindset to be more positive and to try to find the good even when things do not feel “perfect”. I am excited to continue on this path of feeling renewed and refreshed.
— Kaitlyn