“Chelsea has given me the gift of acceptance, self love and food freedom. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling. Our weekly sessions have helped me reclaim my life from disordered eating and diet culture.

I will be forever grateful.”

- Daria Kaliman

“After the realization that I was approaching one decade of fighting a battle with food and myself, I made the decision to seek professional help. I’d already encountered countless therapists, groups, and programs, so I was skeptical of anyone else’s ability to help me. In fact, I truly believed I was unfixable. Because I had reached a point of feeling so broken and helpless; unable to understand why food was my enemy, and worse, why I was my own enemy. I had zero self worth; I couldn’t even look in the mirror. Then came Chelsea. 

Every session with Chelsea I was able to let go of the “emotional weight” I was holding onto. It’s a thing- look it up! She was patient, compassionate, and most importantly, empathetic. She understands first hand what you’re going through. She would always say, “so what I hear you’re saying is…” and it felt so nice to be HEARD, not just instantly fixed. Sometimes having someone listen to you, then repeating what you say, is exactly what you need to understand your own thoughts. It even helped me realize how absurd my thinking was at times. What I got most out of working with Chelsea, was not a miraculous fix of how I view food. In fact, we rarely even focused on food. It wasn’t an instant wave of a wand and I lost the weight I was so convinced that I needed to lose. Instead, she was able to help me find my self worth. To realize it’s not earned from men, or food, or status. I simply have self worth because I’m strong, independent, patient, kind, deserving, and so much more. I believe that now, thanks to Chelsea, and will never let my weight or pant size or any guy let me question that.

Thank you Chelsea for helping me to love myself again, exactly how I am.”

- Macey Kibbee

"Chelsea was such a bright light in my life when I really needed it. She helped me get to the root of why I couldn’t repair my relationship with food, which I had never dealt with before. She gave me all the information I needed, from the science behind why my body was feeling and behaving the way it was, to  everyday practical tips like the best coconut oil to buy. She is a compassionate, kind, insightful, funny, beautiful person on the inside and out. I never felt judged or criticized talking with her; only uplifted. I am now 15 pounds lighter, but more importantly, I feel lighter in life—no longer carrying around the emotional pain that comes with dieting.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Chelsea!  I know you’ll help so many more."

- Ashley E. 

"Chelsea created such a warm and safe space for me to talk openly and honestly (a lot of it for the first time) about my feelings and behavior around food. I never felt judged or rushed to work through my struggles, and Chelsea's patience and empathy made all the difference. She was available whenever I needed her and went above and beyond when answering questions or offering advice or tools for me to use. She's got such an empowering and important view on nutrition as I had no interest in simply a list of good and bad foods to eat. There's plenty of that on the internet! What I needed was emotional support and the space to discover a new self awareness around my connection with food, and the progress I've made with Chelsea has completely changed my life. Not only has it changed me, but this wasn't a diet plan - so I'm not afraid I'll fall off the wagon because of course I will. But now I have the understanding and the tools to work through ups and downs and get back on track.

I am eternally grateful to Chelsea for giving me the space to discover so much about myself and learn to live a healthier life in the process."

- Mckenzie T.

“I consider myself very blessed to have worked with Chelsea for a year!  She is truly connected to her work and dedicated to helping her clients, like she did with me.  She has been a guiding light in my search for answers to my gut issues through her positivity, honesty, and kindness.

Chelsea is an intelligent and conscious woman who has an array of knowledge about the gut while still incorporating psychology and spirituality. I am extremely grateful to have had a second opportunity to work with Chelsea and I know our past sessions will continue to influence and encourage me through my journey of healing.”

- Lily G.

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“In our introductory meeting, I very quickly realized that Chelsea was a very special person with an ability to provide insights into the food issues I had faced my whole life. When we first met, I was in a very dark place. My entire "story" was described in terms of my weight...every memory laced with the pain of knowing how thin I once was or how heavy. Within the first couple of months, Chelsea helped me write a new story so that I could begin to enjoy the things I once loved again. She broke down every situation and provided me the tools to change my internal dialogue to a positive mindset. Food began to lose it's power over me and continues to more and more each day. It was as though a cloud was lifted and I could see things for what they were, and not just in relation to food.

I cannot recommend Chelsea enough. She has truly found her calling!”

- Lisa McCullough

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“Working with Chelsea was truly an amazing experience. The level of support and guidance she provided was unmatched and far exceeded my expectations. Her level of knowledge of not only nutrition but overall health and wellness as well as all of the factors that play a role in those topics was extremely beneficial to me, specifically dealing with anxiety and stress. My relationship with food now is in a much better place than it was before with no restricting or feeling guilt for "indulging" thanks to the work Chelsea and I did together.

I have been able to transform my mindset to be more positive and to try to find the good even when things do not feel "perfect". I am excited to continue on this path of feeling renewed and refreshed.”

- Kaitlyn Nezuh


"I can wholeheartedly say that working with Chelsea was the best decision I made in a long time. I have dealt with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and lack of self-worth all which manifested in disordered eating and compulsive behavior. Trapped in a vicious cycle, I honestly felt that I would forever deal with restriction, bingeing, and purging. I could not see a life outside of my shame and finding the next best diet. I suffered these limiting beliefs for over a decade and genuinely did not know how people could just eat moderately. I had no idea what it felt like to eat moderately or feel calm around food. Before my 30-minute consultation call with Chelsea, I struggled with how honest I “should” be and what information I wanted to share with her, however I quickly divulged many details I had not planned on sharing. Chelsea creates a space of non-judgement and it is easy to trust that she understands what you are going through.

Now after 2 months of working with Chelsea I feel so proud of myself. I can go to a grocery store and buy real whole foods, I am not researching diets, I refuse to restrict myself, I enjoy cooking, and I feel safe around food. I NEVER thought this was possible for me. For me this was about finding peace with food and breaking a disordered eating cycle.

I am so thankful to Chelsea for all the support and tools she has given me to help me live a meaningful life NOT obsessing over controlling food." 

- Tara O'Brien

Christine (4).png

“After just one session with Chelsea, I knew that I had made the right decision in choosing to work with her. She helped me understand the real “why” behind my leaky gut symptoms – something doctors never told me. I loved how she began by having me identify my “powerhouse why” as well as my goals for our coaching session. I felt that she truly understood my physical and emotional symptoms because she had been there before. She continued to encourage me by giving me tools to add to my everyday routine to truly heal my gut. It felt so good to no longer eliminate and restrict but instead add nourishing and healing foods to my diet. Her practical tips combined with strategies for creating a better mindset about food and my health journey felt empowering. When I first started working with her, I was frustrated about where I was with my health and mindset. I was blaming myself for where I was at and looking to the future for relief.

Chelsea helped me embrace the present by giving me many strategies each session that I could use on a daily basis. I could really tell that she individualized her approach, finding what would work best for me and allowing me the space to freely express my feelings. I looked forward to each session and left the Skype call feeling motivated to move forward with my mindset and health. Now I feel less anxious, more confident in my health journey, and empowered with the tools to combat situations that would have made me anxious or obsessive in the past. My mind feels so much clearer, with less “mind-chatter” – something that I was really struggling with when I started.

Talking to Chelsea over text-messaging was also beneficial. There were several difficult situations that I found myself in but once I texted Chelsea and explained what was going on, she was always there for an encouraging word or advice.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels “stuck” in a negative or obsessive mindset about food or health. I am so thankful to Chelsea for all the love and energy that she poured into me to help my healing journey be a positive one.”

- Lauren Baker

Christine (2).png

“Working with Chelsea was absolutely amazing. She was supportive throughout the entire process. She gave me a greater understanding of nutrition, overall wellness, and balance. I appreciated her caring nature and willingness to delve into deeper concepts. Since working with her, I feel more confident about my relationship with food and relationship with nutrition.

I highly recommend working with her wherever you are on your journey.”

- Candice McFadyen

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“Working with Chelsea has changed my life for the better. She’s helped me be comfortable with my body and food. Chelsea saw me at my best and worst and helped me get out of a deep depression. She’s helped me find a new love for cooking and for the first time ever I’m actually really excited about food.”

- Lauren Jackson


"Working with Chelsea has truly transformed and enriched my life in ways that were previously unimaginable. Her coaching has equipped me with sustainable tools to lead a holistic and balanced lifestyle forever. Chelsea has led me in embracing a formidable journey of self-discovery as I gleaned her wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. With personal commitment to her clients and passionate expertise in her field, Chelsea is an invaluable coach. Through a rewardingly tough process, working with Chelsea has dynamically shaped my personal health in all aspects of life. I have been edified and encouraged towards growing nutritionally, mentally, and emotionally. She has been instrumental in helping me on a journey that I never would have expected, but now cannot imagine a life without.

It is no coincidence that empowered, balanced, strong, and confident are words that are now consistently found in my journal. Choosing to make a powerful commitment to myself by working with Chelsea, I have discovered a life that I never thought possible. She has been so influential in my personal development as I continue to grow as the woman that I am and love. My journey with Chelsea has truly changed my life, and I treasure the impact she has had on setting my life on a course of holistic balance.

Chelsea has helped me to uncover the exciting potential of embracing nutrition, health, and balance on an individually attainable level. She has led me in cultivating nutritional knowledge, developing a positive mindset, and establishing a holistic lifestyle.

Chelsea’s coaching has brought me a life of dynamic empowerment and undeniable personal growth for which I will forever be grateful."

- Shelby Miller

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"Finding Chelsea and signing up for her program and continued coaching has been one of the best decisions of my life. In the past I had been let down by diets or quick fix programs that left me feeling bogged down by complicated meal plans and hard to follow regimes. In the end, none of these worked for me and only left me feeling like a failure. But, through my conversations and work with Chelsea over the past 2 months I’ve realized it’s not about a diet or complicated plan, it’s about empowering me to make the change I want to see. 

Chelsea is more than a nutritionist and coach; she’s a great listener and guide. I’m learning how to make healthy food choices that work for me and instead of feeling bogged down I feel confident in the decisions I’m making. She’s helped me to celebrate my achievements along the way, even small milestones such as cooking a meal without the pressure of following a recipe and incorporating cooking into my daily life.

Chelsea has helped me remove the barriers that have kept me from realizing my goals. I have a renewed confidence and commitment that is focused on creating something that works for me and is sustainable. I am beyond grateful for the guidance and insights Chelsea has given me."

- Kerry Dorf 

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“I’m so glad I took the chance to work with Chelsea! I had some hesitation, but knew deep down I needed to take this step for myself. Chelsea was able to help me uncover things that maybe had been at the surface of my mind but just by having her to listen and share her expertise and her own experience, helped me feel comfortable and open up about things that really affected me.

If you’re on the fence of making this decision, DO IT! You won’t regret investing in yourself.”

- Rachelle Delgado

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“Working with Chelsea is like working with a therapist and nutritionist combined. As someone who has always been obsessed with doing things "right", recovering from my disordered eating was no exception. Chelsea helped me be patient with myself and met me where I was, and was endlessly supportive. She taught me that I am enough, just by being me.

Like everyone else, I am a lifelong work in progress, and what I worked on with Chelsea will stay with me forever.”

- Elena Ginebreda-Frendel

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"Chelsea’s story and passion behind her ‘why’ in her work is something that shows up in every moment of every session. She takes time to really listen and tailors her approach and action plans based on the clients as individuals. That, combined with a vulnerability and honesty about her own struggles makes you truly feel like you have support and understanding and that healing is possible. The advice on stress management and nutrition I received from Chelsea is invaluable, but the real time client engagement she provides between sessions is what sets this type of program strides ahead of the others.

Chelsea is a perfect reminder that investing in your health and mindset, while also giving yourself grace is a lifelong process – and you 100000% don’t have to do it alone."

- Sophia Anthony

jordan for website.png

"I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with Chelsea.  I contacted her because I had some stubborn weight that I couldn't lose in addition to struggling to get pregnant.  From the first moment we spoke I was blown away by her knowledge of nutrition and health.  My plan was easy to follow, and she was always there to answer any question that I had.  I felt like I had gained a close friend and confidant. Within the first month of working with Chelsea I had lost 6 pounds.  I had more energy and felt like I knew what I was putting into my body and I was empowered to make positive decisions regarding food. 

Not only did Chelsea help me with my relationship with food, but she also helped me work through some emotional issues.  While working with her I got some tough news about my fertility....no joke, we were literally in the middle of a session when I answered my call waiting to get results from my gynecologist.  I was so grateful to have her during that moment because she allowed me to feel any and all of my feelings and she didn't judge me.

She is tremendous - you really cannot go wrong with working with her. I am so glad that I took the time to invest in myself and work with Chelsea. She knows her stuff!!" 

- Jordan Beckman

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“Working with Chelsea has meant a 180º change in my life. I was sad, frustrated, and stuck in a vicious cycle I could not get rid of because of an eating disorder. I reached a point I started scrolling through different accounts on Instagram, even texted some of them, and Chelsea was the only one to consciously reply. She offered such clear and warming help, I could not say no to her program. With her program I have learned to let go of all those lies I had told myself, to listen to my body, and to get rid of all that "bad" pressure I used to put onto myself, not allowing me to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Working with her has been a pleasure. She is such a compassionate coach, not judging you, but helping you from minute one, opening your eyes and giving you good advice. She gives you everyday tips and makes getting out of this fight a beautiful process.”

- Cristina Arráez Marcos


"I worked with Chelsea for about 6 months and she really helped me get to a healthy place mentally and physically. I started off with a lot of anxiety around food and now I am so confident with my food choices. She is really great to work with and has a lot of knowledge around nutrition and health in general. I did lose a few more pounds with her but more importantly/more valuable I gained confidence in myself and I learned how to be more mindful about food. She provided me with a customized plan and a foundation that I can refer back to. Her plan made me feel energized instead of hungry all of the time.

I'm so glad I got the chance to work with her she really shifted my mindset around diet, food, weight, body image and a whole bunch more! I highly recommend her especially if you're trying to break free from the diet mentality and focus on a healthy lifestyle and NOT another diet.

She is such a caring, knowledgeable, and seriously genuine person and makes sure to thoroughly answer any and all questions that you may have."  

- Lanisa Medina

Christine (3).png

“I was so grateful when I found Chelsea on Instagram as I laid in bed on New Year's Eve searching hashtags, #foodfreedom, #antidiet, #nomoredieting. I've been on many diets for years and it was wreaking havoc on my health. Chelsea helped me to trust the process by reminding me that I am not going to break old habit's overnight. She continued to encourage me to trust my body and nourish it with foods that make me feel good.

While working with her and trusting the process, it freed up so much energy that I was able to focus on other areas in my life that brought happiness and fulfillment.”

- Paula Jauch

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"I’m so grateful for Chelsea for listening to me with so much compassion (that I didn’t even have for myself.) I know now that love is the secret to any change. I’m amazed by what I learned from Chelsea’s program - it’s bigger than portions, ingredients, numbers, and routines. It’s why I started falling in love with her message on her Instagram. How beautiful and healing is to find someone that doesn’t judge you for what you binged on the night before or how much you weight you’ve gained for whatever reason, but instead listens to you with authentic kindness. 

I see now that the biggest achievement from working with Chelsea is learning from her. Her vulnerability, her compassion, her strong belief that any problem can be changed if you trust in yourself and you build yourself a safe space of people that love you no matter how much you think you deserve judgement. So now, whenever I eat something that I think I "shouldn’t" I remember (not facts on how to detox, how to burn them, how to change myself) but every kind message from Chelsea’s example: grace over guilt, self-love over other’s approval, pride over poor humbleness, happiness over obsession. 

So, to any woman out there who hopes to work with Chelsea, expect transformation from the root. Expect the healing power of vulnerable love."

- Sandra Real

"It’s so true that angels come into your life at the perfect time. The idea of steady, consistent energy throughout the day, and a deeper sense of nourishment for my body, sounded really great. Chelsea coached me through cleaning out my kitchen, gave guidelines on how to read labels and cook and prepare meals (which I never enjoyed in the past).  She makes the planning easy and has delicious, new, and nutritious recipes. Rather than feeling deprived, I felt that I was taking wonderful care of myself and paying attention in a way that I really don’t ever remember doing.  At the end of 6 weeks, I attended a conference where I was acknowledged onstage…..and felt confident, healthy, and strong! Chelsea is attentive and caring, and the 1:1 coaching sessions helped me discover insights about myself, and establish new habits. 

Thank you Chelsea for making such an impactful difference in my life!" 

- Lynne Hutton

"Working with Chelsea was a real game changer. I've struggled with food my entire life, and tried every diet out there, while my weight yo-yoed up and down. But after working with Chelsea, she made me realize for the first time just how over-loaded my life was, and how my mis-use of food played into that. It really helped me not be so hard on myself, and cut myself some slack. Once I started to to put more focus on creating the life I want, the food part started to fall into place more naturally. It wasn't a quick fix, and it's still evolving, but I finally feel like things are shifting for me. 

I am so grateful for the guidance and love Chelsea gave me." 

- Christine Sinacore


"I've struggled with weight nearly all my life. Or at least it's felt this way. At 41, after two pregnancies with gestational diabetes I found myself feeling like a slug. I was attempting to run after a toddler, while still paying attention to my 7 year old and sometimes my husband, going through a yoga certification and working part-time as a teacher. Forget about me time! After discovering my ex-husband also had diabetes, I became panicked. I tried to eat healthy, but I would never stick to it. I needed help. Enter Chelsea - when I met her a little under a year before I signed up to work with her, I immediately liked her, but wasn't sure that I could stick to another plan. I felt like I would fail. So I waited...and truly that's my only regret! Working with Chelsea was easy. She is knowledgeable, genuine, caring and truly wants her clients to feel good. She took on the challenge of pleasing my kids' and husbands' palettes, and gave me a ton of useful information without it being overwhelming.

I was able to make some significant changes in just 30 days -- I've never felt deprived, always felt supported and loved truly and I'm confident that I can continue this journey going forward. I highly recommend working with Chelsea - she's fabulous!" 

- Joy Morales-Bartlett

"Working with Chelsea has been so healing. I was at a very difficult time in my life and I knew things needed to change. With so much health information out there it can be very confusing but Chelsea made it simple and easy to make small lifestyle changes that led to even more positive changes. In the short time I've worked with Chelsea, I've cut down the caffeine, increased my protein/veggie intake, learned there's other ways to get fiber than bread, gained weight and have seen a decrease in my anxiety- all because my body feels safe and well nourished! 

I'm so thankful for Chelsea and her guidance on this healing path!" 

- Michelle Nagel

Copy of shelby.png

"I have a lot of health issues related to my gut, and Chelsea really taught me how to work around them and find foods that I can enjoy without fear of them making me sick. I was so lost before I finally found her! She was always available to answer any of my questions and now I’m a lot more comfortable around food and knowing what to eat for my gut issues. Her meal prep was also SUPER helpful for my busy schedule and took off so much stress of having to shop, prepare and cook meals in a college dorm. I now cook a lot of the meals that she used to bring me and I don’t feel stressed about not knowing what to eat.

I’m really grateful for all her help."

- Miranda Mazariegos