Hello! I’m Chelsea, a Certified Nutrition + Mindset Coach. I help women create a healthy relationship with food and their bodies so they can live a life they love.

But I wasn’t always in this place. For almost 10 years I struggled with something. Food, body image, weight, major health issues, pain, anxiety, depression, and everything in between. It felt like if something was going to happen, it was going to happen to me. I had gotten used to struggling and suffering, and I lacked any hope that things were going to get better.

Growing up I never felt good enough, worthy enough or loved enough. So I started looking for affirmation through my weight, control with food, and exercise. Over the years I have been underweight and overly-consumed with food + exercise, and overweight from binge + emotionally eating, stress and inflammation. 

No matter if I was 103 pounds, or 153 pounds my relationship with food was unhealthy. I spent almost the entirety of my college-years, early and mid-20’s completely consumed with food and my body: obsessively counting calories, earning or working off my meals on the treadmill, binging - then feeling guilt + shame and purging, eating “good/clean” or “bad/off-limits” but never in-between, and putting the entirety of my worth as a person into the size of my jeans and number on the scale.

I spent most nights alone in my apartment looking at the perfect bodies on social media absolutely praying and promising myself that would be me one day soon too, and all of my worries would wash away. 

I thought if I could just lose weight I would get the perfect guy, the perfect job, and finally be happy.

My pursuit of the idealized image created my disordered relationship with food. 

I spent my days dieting and counting calories, restricting what I wanted to eat, and nights promising to only have a little bit of ice cream, 1 serving of chips, or 1 square of chocolate but eating the whole pint, whole bag and whole bar — then experiencing impossibly uncomfortable guilt and shame and making it all go away through laxatives, purging, or exercise on an empty stomach the next day.

I had a disordered relationship with food, my body and myself and where it got me was nowhere fast. I was always stressed, always anxious and only happy on the days I ate under 1200 calories or didn’t feel fat.

My wakeup came when I hurt my back and started to experience chronic pain. It was something I could no longer ignore and finally pushed me to stop and slow down and revaluate the quality of my life. How did I feel? What did I want? Who was I?


After almost a full year of conventional intervention and band-aids like injections and pain meds that didn’t work — I got curious. What if I could start listening to my body and heal from the root? So I explored the world of holistic health for the first time. I was obsessed with everything I was learning from inflammation to real food nutrition, gut-health, immunity and of course, mindset. I had to learn more, so I went back to school and immersed myself in mind + body nutrition. I learned the science of nutrition, psychology of eating and the magic of mindset neccessary for creating a better relationship with your body, weight + self. 

All of this not only laid the foundation for my business, it changed my own life. I peeled back the layers, distractions and roadblocks and worked on me. I worked with coaches and practitioners to uncover why I was so unhappy and unwell. I gathered the tools, insight and support neccessary to move forward and I ultimately broke free.

I learned dietary myths and mistruths and began to focus more on what I was eating vs. just how much. I stopped obsessively tracking and counting and made space to build an intuitive, balanced relationship with food. I worked on my body image and relationship with my weight and discovered worth beyond those two things that I learned to wholeheartedly believe in. I stopped dieting, restricting and punishing myself and worked on forgiveness and compassion. 

But the best thing I did is I made space for all the beautiful opportunities I have in my life, and you do too, when you’re no longer overwhelmed, obsessed and consumed with food, food fears, your weight, dieting, what’s good or bad, right or wrong, allowed or off-limits.

Today I help women create freedom, intuition, and confidence with food + their bodies so they can finally enjoy the beautiful life they have free from the rules, restriction & obsession that hold them back.

My expertise is in:

Freedom from Disordered Eating: dieting, restrictive eating, tracking/counting calories and macros, binge eating, emotional eating, food fears, etc. 

Weight & Mindset + Body Image

Confidence + Self-Love

Stress + Emotional Support

Holistic Health + Therapeutic Nutrition Support

What I’ve been up to:

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC): The Institute of Transformational Nutrition

4 years experience coaching clients 1:1 + in groups

Co-host of the popular wellness podcast Nutrition-Ish

Balanced Bites Masterclass Certified Practitioner  

Featured contributor on Mind Body Green

Featured contributor on The Zoe Report

Ready to break free?